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Yonge and Eglinton Dental Procedures

Dr. Ellen’s responsible approach to dentistry looks beyond the obvious symptoms to consider the source of your problem. You’ll receive a more balanced, overall, and long term approach to maintaining your oral health. Visit our office and you’ll not just be treated, you’ll be pampered.

Comprehensive Dentistry is the art and science of balancing the bite to treat the pains and complications associated with an unnatural jaw position, clenching, tooth crowding, and excessive tooth breakdown or wear. Dental treatment that focuses only on teeth often fails to treat many underlying complications.

We recognize the many problems which arise from the surrounding muscle tissue and nerves and take the dental approach to finding the cause of your unexplained neck, face or back pain. Feel free to browse through our list of services to learn more about the treatment plans available to you at our Midtown Toronto Dental Office.

If you require more information feel free to contact our office and a member of our experienced team would be pleased to help you.

We use intraoral cameras that allow us to share before and after picture of treatments performed in our office. This gives us a tremendous advantage when educating patients to be completely informed and confident about any treatment that needs to be done.