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Smile Reconstruction & TMJ

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There are many reasons why a smile may not be very pleasant. These reasons may involve: poor color, poor shape, poor position, poor gum contours or just poor oral health. A Smile Makeover can have a major impact on your appearance and how others perceive you. Find out what we can do for your smile. I think you will be delighted!

Smile reconstruction is complex and very personalized to each individual patient.

Our Yonge and Eglinton dental office is experienced at creating beautiful, healthy smiles through several smile makeover techniques. Book a consultation appointment with our office, and we would be happy to discuss your personalized treatment options with you.

Worn teeth, especially when there is uneven wear, will contribute to a misaligned bite.

Just imagine walking in shoes with different sole thicknesses – one shoe with a 1 inch sole, the other a 4 inch sole.

With each uneven step, the hips are forced up and down, absorbing the body’s pressure while compensating for the varying heights of two sole sizes. The same principle applies to the jaw. An uneven bite will force your jaw joint to absorb and compensate in the same manner. The jaw joint (TMJ) was simply not meant for this type of twisting punishment and abuse.

If you are looking for an experienced dentist in Toronto for smile reconstruction and TMJ, please give Dayan Dentistry a call at (416) 322-3233 to schedule a consultation with our dentist.

You’ll receive a more balanced, comprehensive, and long term approach to maintaining your oral health.